CardPop Cards are now officially open for Commissions.

What a CARDPOP is:

I make each CARDPOP as a single custom piece of art. The shadow box technique I use involves expertly cutting and shaping the art of Magic cards then combining it with custom fabricated parts to make a shadow box of Mixed Magic Art Media. This involves using multiple copies of the same magic card or a mixture of Magic card arts, but only 3-5 cards are typically used to make a CARDPOP. I can also install a Life Wheel into to a CARDPOP to make your favorite art into the guardian of your life total as you play Magic: The Gathering. 


  • The base commission fee for a Custom CARDPOP Magic: The Gathering Shadow Box is: $10.
  • Basic CARDPOP: $20 for your choice of art and 4 layers (including the $10 deposit)
  • Add-ons: $5 for each additional layer of depth, $5 for each foil card used, $25 for a Life Wheel
  • Cards used for the art can be purchased directly from CARDPOP or can be mailed in by you from your own collection

The base commission is a deposit on your CARDPOP and guarantees that I will make your own customized CARDPOP. 
Please purchase this commission fee and reserve your CARDPOP by using the PayPal Buy Now button at the bottom of this page. 

This is not the final cost of your CARDPOP! Each CARDPOP is quoted based on what you want: how many shadow box layers you desire, how many Magic cards are used, if a Life Wheel is included, and how the cards used to make your CARDPOP is acquired. 

Thank you for enjoying my work and for your business. 


$10 Commission Fee

Once I receive your commission fee, a request form will be sent for you to fill out. I will provide a quote along with further instructions on the completion process of the commission. Your $10 deposit will go towards the base price of the art or refunded if you do not want to proceed with the quoted price.